The Solus Foundation

The SOLUS Foundation for Fitness and Well-Being is dedicated to preparing and educating children and young adults through physical activity, proper training techniques, and basic fundamentals to promote a healthy lifestyle.

the SOLUS Foundation for Fitness and Well-being

 The SOLUS Foundation for Fitness and Well-being was developed to make a positive impact in the lives of children by decreasing the staggering rate of obesity that starts in childhood and prevails until adulthood. Obesity is associated with conditions such as: hypertension and diabetes. An exercise program along with proper nutrition can significantly decrease the incidence of type II diabetes, hypertension, and can increase the chances of maintaining weight loss. Through programs that start early in life, healthy lifestyles are developed that can be continued through life; thus improving the health and productivity of the individual. The Foundation also desires to provide opportunities for training young children and adults, who are not financially able to participate in training programs on their own.






To sponsor a child for the Solus Pro-Kids Afterschool Program for $41 a month or to become a corporate or individual donor, please provide your information below. Thank you for your monetary gift.


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