Dynamic Fitness

Dynamic Fitness:

Workouts are designed for all fitness levels and performed in a small group setting. Our goal is to get you to look, feel, & perform at your best. The style of performance training that is used with world class athletes through assessments, research, & development along with functional training is the same style and principles that we will apply to your fitness routine.

If you are looking to reduce body fat percentage, develop lean muscle tone, or just maintain a healthier lifestyle, Solus Performance Training’s complete fitness program can help you reach those goals. Based off top-level performance training, the fitness program will improve flexibility, strength, posture, reduce stress and increase energy levels.

Group Training:

At Solus you have the luxury of creating your own workout group at whatever time you choose. Your group can consist of friends, family, co-workers, or just about anyone you want. So grab six people, create your group and your ready to go!

Personal Training:

If you desire one-on-one attention, Solus has you covered. Our personal trainers will be your personal coach, motivator and mentor as we help you develop and reach the goals you want to accomplish. We have packages for all budgets. This is not a group fitness session, rather one-on-one 100% attention from the trainer to you.

 Fitness Lite

If you don’t want to jump into our Dynamic fitness class we offer a great low impact solution that gets you ready for Dynamic Fitness if you choose. Our Fitness Lite class  is a Low impact light resistance body toning and stretching class that’s choreographed to great music.