Without the proper training, athletic potential cannot be maximized. The Speed-Strength training program at Solus is designed to build the foundation of a complete athlete. Our performance coaches work with you using proven techniques to help develop your athletic potential. Measurable results will be prominent with improved range of motion, flexibility, strength, speed, and more explosive movement. As a result, your reaction time will improve, thus becoming more agile with noticeable performance results in your sport.

This program is divided up into four stages depending on one’s age and athletic profile. Stages start from the beginner stage to the professional stage with each stage focusing on speed, agility, reaction time, range of motion, balance, and stamina. Each stage will also depend on one’s maturity and performance ability.

Beginner Stage  (level 1): (Ages 8-11)
In the beginner stage, young athletes develop the foundation for performance training through the teaching of techniques and body control to help increase performance. In this stage some resistance is used as young athletes learn proper form and technique that will be performed in later stages.

Intermediate Stage (level 2): ( Ages 12-15)
In the intermediate stage, foundation has been established and now athletes are ready to perform at a higher stage of training with moderate increased resistance to ability.

Advanced Stage (level 3): (Ages 15-Collegiate)
In the advanced stage, the drive to achieve and excel is at a higher focal point and resistance has increased to a much higher level due to body development and the competitive nature of each athlete to strive to be the best.


Professional/Combine Training:

The highest stage of training offered, designed for top level professional athletes. It is perfect for the pre-season, off-season, or specific event training such as an NFL combine, Showcase, or Big try-out. This is when it counts the most, to earn a scholarship, make the team, or earn a contract. It has all the functions as the other stages but more specific to the actual event.

Sports Skills Training:

Personal sports skills training is a separate dimension of our overall training at Solus. We offer skills training in almost every sport. Unlike our speed-strength training for athletes, this type of training focuses on the specifics of a certain sports. Whether it is hitting or pitching lessons for baseball and softball or learning the basic fundamentals for soccer, it is an opportunity for an athlete to get ahead of the game at any age. We build a solid foundation and continue to build from the group up. We emphasize the basic fundamentals because thats how you get better.